Services Offered

A few things we’re great at


Our connected team means better service. We would like you to know that everything we do comes from our good-natured good-will.

Professional communication: clear needs, clear goals, clear price
Data Driven: accurate scheduling, clear warranty records, automated maintenance reminders, life-cycle cost planning.
Design-Build: Work with our professional designers and architects to acheive the look and feel that works
⁍ Weatherproofing professionals: always 100% leak-free
Weatherproofing professionals: always 100% leak-free
Lead professionals: Always 100% safe around lead-based paint

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Remodels, Decks, and Additions

Add to your existing building to get it to work for you with a new deck, additional room, or a change of layout. Bring us your ideas or work with our design-build team. We involve our lead and weatherproofing teams to ensure every job is safe and weather-tight.

⁍ Decks, patios, pergolas, privacy walls.
⁍ Change of layout, remove or add walls, windows, doors
⁍ Add rooms, finish spaces

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Renovations and Flooring

Just a little bit of work can make a big difference. Bring us your ideas or work with our in-house design-build team. We can paint, demolish, change lighting, install new flooring, and make your property look great.

⁍ Flooring
⁍ Painting
⁍ Lighting
⁍ Design

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Design Build

Our design-build team calls themselves Tight Knot Design Build. This team can take your hand or take creative control. Whatever you need them to be, they’ll turn an standard project into a unique peice of work.

⁍ Design and architecture
⁍ Colors, lighting, textures, and themes
⁍ Design services can be useful with any of our construction services (even roofing!)
⁍ A team capable of making on-the-fly changes to suit your liking

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Roofing & Siding

We have weather here in New England. Our preventive maintenance proposals are custom to your buildings and designed to keep the weather out. We’ll track your assets and let you know when we think maintenance, repairs, or replacement are called for. We keep your roofs, gutters, and siding working for you.

⁍ Roof Repairs & Replacement
⁍ Roof & Gutter Maintenance
⁍ Gutter Repairs & Installation
⁍ Siding Repairs & Installation

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Windows & Doors

Here in New England our windows and doors have two major issues, both related to their age: they are inefficient and often coated in lead paint. We replace windows and doors as a renovation or for lead hazard reduction. We also address leaks, repairs, and painting of windows and doors.

⁍ Window & Door Leaks
⁍ Window & Door Replacements
⁍ New & Replacement Skylights

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Unit turnover, tenant improvements, or just time for that new coat of paint; we can give your property a fresh face, a new design, and keep it lead safe. Paint is also protective. We track your asset’s paint life-cycle and recommend maintenance accordingly.

⁍ Interior & Exterior Painting
⁍ Maintenance Painting Programs
⁍ Lead Encapsulation Painting

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Lead Abatement

We’re dedicated to improving our community. Buildings in New England come with a lot of great history… but with it comes lead paint and the dangers of living with lead. Helping clients get lead safe is our specialty. On any job, we’re ready to safely handle lead.

⁍ Lead Paint Abatement
⁍ Lead Dust Removal
⁍ Lead Contaminated Soil Removal
⁍ Interim Controls
⁍ Interior & Exterior
⁍ Safe construction around lead-based paint

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How we do it



Let’s talk about your needs.

You have a project, a goal, maintenance needs, repairs to be made, or an issue inspected. The more we understand your needs, the better we can serve you.

We understand each other now.



 You need ideas, options, and solutions.

We’ll analyze your needs and provide our professional opinion; a service request contract, a reoccurring maintenance contract, or an individually tailored project proposal.

We’ve got a plan now.



Satisfied clients is our marketing.

When your properties are maintained, issues handled, and projects completed to the level we deliver, you’ll know satisfaction. We bet you’ll tell a colleague.

The beauty of business.

Contact Us! Get a project going today.

Why abatement?

Our ancestors left us a legacy of strong buildings and each generation has added to that legacy. However, we’ve also been left with a legacy of lead based materials. Now is the time to fix that – it is our calling to help our community be lead-free.

What is lead abatement?

Abatement is the process of eliminating lead-based paint hazards. Addressing these hazards in our homes and on our properties protects our families and tenants. Abatement must be performed with specific work practices to ensure the safety of the tenants and workers. There are a variety of strategies for abatement. Here’s what we mean:


⁍ Replacements: Removing and replacing the window, door, or other building part with a new non-lead based painted component.

⁍ Removal: Removal of lead-based paint and applying new non-lead-based paint.

⁍ Enclosure: Covering lead-based paint with a solid, dust-tight barrier.

⁍ Encapsulation: Coating and sealing the lead-based painted surface so that it may not be accessible.


Interim controls temporarily reduce lead hazards until they can be abated.

⁍ Special Cleaning: Controls lead dust.

⁍ Painting: Wet scraping loose paint and repainting surfaces with non-lead based paint.

⁍ Window Repairs: Minor repairs to windows to reduce lead dust.

Why paint?

We are all about protecting your assets. On many surfaces, paint is a necessary protective layer. Sure, sometimes its mostly decorative but in any case, keeping your paint maintained results in better looking, longer lasting assets that perform for you.

What types of painting?

We work on all types of painting projects. Here’s what we mean:


All exterior components; siding, fascia, trim, doors, etc.

⁍ Inspections and recommendations for paint maintenance.


Interior walls and doors

⁍ Molding, baseboard, and trim repair and painting

Turnover: We catalog your assets allowing us to deliver reliable prices for regular work.


The older the paint, the higher the chance it contains lead. We are lead abatement and renovation contractors. We can handle your lead paint in any scenario. Read below for more on our abatement services.

Why weatherproofing?

• Roofing • Siding • Gutters • Windows • Doors •

With the right methods and materials, we can ensure that what our ancestors left us, and what we build today, will last generations into the future.

What is weatherproofing?

We’d argue that without a roof, it isn’t a building. We turn to our buildings to protect us from the elements; to keep our families warm and safe during the winter storms, cool and dry during the summer ones. Here’s what we mean:


The roof is an important and expensive piece of your buildings; it requires regular inspection, maintenance, repairs, and eventually replacement. The roof and siding shed the water and block the wind, keeping the structure and people inside both safe and dry.


Keeping the water out of the building doesn’t end at the roof or foundation. It’s not just about getting water off the building, but getting it away from the building. Quality seamless gutters and proper drainage are part of a complete building weatherproofing system.


Quality windows and doors can last generations – if installed correctly alongside quality roofing and siding. They can make a room brighter or frame an outdoor scene. They can be energy efficient while affordable, long lasting, and rewarding to own.

You’ve got properties, we’ve got solutions.

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